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The news from 2018. You couldn’t make it up | David Mitchell

Opening up the tax system to sponsorship? Speaking to the dead? You remembered it here first

There goes 2018 – did you miss it? It really flew by, didn’t it? But it’s over now and tomorrow morning it will be 2019. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

And it’s safe to believe me because 2017, that time of rampant falsity and inexactitude, exemplified by the fact that “fake news” was named word of the year, is long gone. Here and now (2018), we can’t get away with the untruths that there and then (2017) were so prevalent people would even lie about what year it was. In those bad old days (2017), someone might say it was another year – maybe 2018 – an act that now (2018), no one would ever get away with.

Despite generating a lot of publicity around its opening, the Fatberg hotel, was plagued with operating glitches

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