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As a society, we must get over the green loo | David Mitchell

The avocado bathroom suite is an interior design no-no these days, but it hardly proves that civilisation has reached its zenith

For some reason, Samsung has commissioned a study into what people think are the worst interior decoration fads of the last 50 years. I say “for some reason” because, at heart, I’m an optimist. I try to believe there’s a good reason or, failing that, some sort of reason for most of the things people do. But I must admit, in this instance, I’m struggling to think of one.

Raising brand awareness perhaps? It certainly will do that, to a modest extent. Articles mentioning the study will probably mention Samsung, so it’s getting more mentions. But are they apposite mentions? It’s not as if Samsung makes interior designy things – or, if it does, there’s still a lot more brand awareness work to be done where I’m concerned. Can you get Samsung sofas, or curtains, or lamps, or wallpaper? Why didn’t Dulux or Laura Ashley or Ikea pay for this survey? I thought Samsung made mobile phones?

Our culture has completely lost its sense of perspective about avocado bathrooms

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