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Heterosexual civil partnerships are for better, not worse | David Mitchell

Now that civil partnerships are open to everyone, maybe we could stop meddling with weddings

As a retailer of attempts to amuse, this is going to do me no favours. I am about to express an opinion that some people will agree with, but those who don’t will just dislike me for it and maybe be a bit hurt and alienated. They might tell me to “stick to comedy”, like lots of people do whenever I mention Brexit.

In fact, I’m slightly surprised, in retrospect, that when I turned up at the polling station on referendum day, no one barred my entrance telling me to “stick to comedy”. I mean, I didn’t vote Remain as a joke. In my view, it would have been funnier to vote Leave – as a piece of geopolitical slapstick, a massive national pratfall. So my vote was not a humorous act, and therefore it was outside the remit of comedians, and straying offensively into the purview of human beings.

There’s no doubt that the history of the institution of marriage is riddled with religious and patriarchal bias

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