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Oh for the days when it was all Brussels’ fault! | David Mitchell

Jeremy Hunt blamed our Brexit shambles on the EU – the favoured whipping boy that has served British politicians for decades. That won’t wash any more…

Who would have thought Jeremy Hunt was such a massive nostalgic? I mean, he’s not called Jeremy Hostalgic! Seriously though, it turns out he’s a real old softie and I fancy there must have been a tear in his eye on his visit to Berlin last week.

I’m not saying he misses the Nazis! Honestly! I know hyperbole is fashionable at the moment, so it’s probably worth making clear that I don’t think Jeremy Hunt is a Nazi. I mean, he’s not called Jeremy Hazi! Seriously though, the man’s not a fascist, even if I don’t much like his politics. Having said that, English is all about usage and I reckon the word fascist is regularly used online to mean “someone whose politics you don’t much like”. Which, oddly, makes it a synonym for communist.

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